Stress Free Fundraising with Santa’s Village and Muskoka Zip Lines and Aerial Park!!

Santa’s Village is offering local not-for-profit organizations the chance to raise money by distributing vouchers for our Non-Profit Days on Weekends in June 2017. The more vouchers that are redeemed, the more money you raise.

How does it work?

To be a Qualifying Organization you must be within 100 km of Santa’s Village.

STEP 1: Decide on a Saturday or Sunday in June for your organization to promote and register your organization.

STEP 2: Your group will distribute vouchers to members, family, friends and community members that are redeemable for a greatly discounted admission rate to Santa’s Village. Encourage your connections to ‘wear their gear’ to promote your organization.

STEP 3: When an individual arrives at Santa’s Village and presents the voucher at our ticket booth they will pay only $21 per person +HST per person for access to all the rides shows and attractions at Santa’s Village! Up to 6 people can be admitted under 1 voucher.

For more Adventure…

$5 from each package supports your organization (reg. value of $75 +tax, must be pre-booked)

STEP 4: We, at Santa’s Village, will record all incoming vouchers validated by your group and for every paid person we will give your organization $3 for each Santa’s Village and $5 for each Aerial Park package.

Here’s the best part!

YOU raise money while WE do the work!
NO tickets to track and NO money to handle on your part.
All you need to do is ensure that each voucher is validated with your organization name. This is how we track the redemption for your organization and how we know how much money to send you.

For more information, call (705) 645-2512 or email [email protected]

2017 Fundraiser Voucher Order Form

Weekends in June 2017

To Qualify for Participation your organization must be within 100 KM of Santa’s Village.

If you qualify – Complete this form to register and order vouchers for your organization’s participation in the Service Club & Non-Profit Days at Santa’s Village and Sportsland.