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Top 5 People to Give the Gift of a Season Pass This Christmas!

Santa’s the expert when it comes to perfect gifts, and there’s no better present he’d suggest for your family and friends than the Santa’s Village Season Pass for summer 2020. Take advantage of the special pricing that’s offered until the end of December and put the Gold or Standard Pass under the tree for one or more folks on your holiday list, such as:

1) You, of course!

With so much to see and do at Santa’s Village, you and the kids can visit again and again – and still have more to experience. The Season Pass let’s you enjoy the magic of the park when it’s convenient for you throughout the summer, and to do so cost-effectively. (And if you have really tiny tots, then it’s great to do part of the park one day and another area another day, in case all the jolly fun wears them out quickly!)

2) Grandparents

Are the kids spending time with Grandma and Grandpa next summer? Buy Season Passes for these very special adults in your lives so that entrance to the park, rides (including an exciting new ride!) and more are all paid for in advance. Then all that remains is for grandparents and grandchildren to have a blast at ‘Muskoka’s Favourite Theme Park’.

3) Summer Guests

Got a cottage or home near Bracebridge, Muskoka and expecting guests-with-kids for an extended stay next summer? Treat them all to Season Passes so they can get off the dock and head to Santa’s Village for some wonderful adventures.

4) Your employees or co-workers

Want to reward coworkers or employees-with-kids for a job well done this year? Season Passes under the tree are a unique way to thank them for all their hard work. (What do you think Santa gives the elves every Christmas? Those presents don’t make themselves!)

5) Besties

Who better to experience the charm of Santa’s Village with than your best friends and their kids. Make Summer 2020 the time when you gather for epic fun, and create the memories that will last a lifetime. It all starts under the Christmas Tree, with Season Passes wrapped and ready!

The 2020 Season Pass to Santa’s Village is the perfect present to put under more than one tree. Take advantage of special pricing that ends soon, and give the gift that is sure to delight!

Can’t decide between our Standard or Gold pass? Check the handy table here – you’ll see that the Gold pass comes with $150 in BONUS value.

For more information on Gold & Standard Season Passes – and all the great benefits – CLICK HERE!