Rider height requirements
RidesMinimum to ride aloneCan ride with accompanimentUnable to rideMax Weight
Antique Merry-go-round36 inchesAll can rideN/AN/A
Jumpin’ Star mini dropper36 inches32 inchesUnder 32 inches240
Red Barron Planes36 inchesAll can rideN/A240
Candy Cane Express train42 inchesAll can rideN/A240
Carousel42 inchesAll can rideN/A250
Rudolph’s Roller Coaster42 inches36 inchesUnder 36 inches240
Peppermint Penguin Coaster44 inches38 inchesUnder 38 inches240
Elf Sky Challenge Aerial Park44 inches36 inchesUnder 36 inchesN/A
Blitzen’s Balloons48 inchesAll can rideN/A250
Christmas Ball Ferris Wheel48 inchesAll can rideN/AN/A
Treasure Island Paddle Boats48 inchesAll can rideN/A200