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TOP 5 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

November 23, 2022

It’s that time of year again folks! 25 days of magic and excitement for children all over the world and 25 days for Mom & Dad to try and out do what they did last year. We know it can be challenging to come up with new & exciting ideas every day for your Elf […]

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Severn Lodge Purchased by Santa’s Village

May 27, 2022

Muskoka landmark to continue as a family resort BRACEBRIDGE, ON – We are excited to announce that Severn Lodge has been purchased by Santa’s Village of Bracebridge, Ontario.   Santa’s Village, owned by Brad & Sara Dunkley and their partner Jamie Hopkins, will continue the tradition of operating Severn Lodge as an all-inclusive, family resort.  […]

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Employee Spotlight: Katie S.

April 6, 2022

Katie S. – Food & Beverage Lead 4 years with #teamsanta This will be my fourth season at the village, and I am so excited for it!  In my three years I’ve made so many friendships, and the food department is like my family.  I’ve gained a lot experience in hospitality and tourism, and in […]

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Employee Spotlight: Claire

April 6, 2022

Claire – Guest Services & Ticket Sales 1 year with #teamsanta This past summer was not only my first year at Santa’s Village, but also my first summer that I’ve spent working since it was my first ever job. I was overcome with kindness of the existing employees and managing team when I first started, […]

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Employee Spotlight: Katie

January 31, 2022

Katie – Rides Team Lead 4 years with #teamsanta Growing up in Muskoka I was no stranger to day trips with my family to Santa’s Village. I have so many happy memories of visiting the village with my cousins – who would drive 2 hours just for the experience. 5-year-old me would’ve never thought that […]

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Employee Spotlight: Emily

January 25, 2022

Emily – F&B Server, Campground Front Desk 1 year with #teamsanta Pro Tip: Working at Santa’s Village automatically puts you on the nice list! This past summer was my first year working at Santa’s Village and I can’t wait for next season! The staff here are truly some of the kindest people I know and […]

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Santa’s Giftshop Reimagined

March 17, 2021

If you’ve ever visited our park then chances are you’ve found yourself searching through the cheerful aisles of Santa’s Giftshop for the perfect way to commemorate your day of family fun. Santa’s Giftshop is one of the oldest buildings in the park and year after year our team works hard to fill it with unique […]

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Start a Campfire like a Champ!

January 19, 2021

The quintessential campfire; a staple, but sometimes allusive, of camping. Have you tried to start an epic campfire but got smoke but no fire? An understanding of the requirements of fire will help make your next campfire a success! An epic fire creates formidable coals. Coals are essential for open fire cooking…and caramelization! Oh caramelization […]

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Roudph's roller coaster

Top 5 People to Give the Gift of a Season Pass This Christmas!

December 7, 2019

Santa’s the expert when it comes to perfect gifts, and there’s no better present he’d suggest for your family and friends than the Santa’s Village Season Pass for summer 2020. Take advantage of the special pricing that’s offered until the end of December and put the Gold or Standard Pass under the tree for one […]

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The Knight Before Christmas

Experience “The Knight Before Christmas” at Santa’s Village!

November 27, 2019

We had to keep this under wraps (because Hollywood contracts) until the magical movie made its release, but now that it’s here we can’t wait to share it with you! Netflix’s newest holiday movie, The Knight Before Christmas, stars Vanessa Hudgens (as Brooke), Josh Whitehouse (as Cole, or “Sir Cole”), and Emmanuelle Chriqui (as Madison). […]

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