Sportsland is a separate area of Santa’s Village that is geared towards older kids as well as adults who are kids at heart!

In Sportsland you’ll find exciting attractions including single and double go karts, immersive soccer and bowling games, a bungee trampoline, batting cages, climbing wall, mini golf, an arcade and much more!

Admission to Sportsland is FREE Just Pay-as-you-Play

And after 7:00 p.m. on weeknights, Sportsland attractions only require half the number of points to play!

*To drive a go kart, you must be at least 12 years old and at least 54 inches tall. To drive a double go kart you must be at least 16 years old (passengers can be under 12 years old).

Sportsland Activity Points

Activities in Sportsland are activated using a Activity Card. These are cards that can be purchased at the Kiosk and loaded with points that you will use to enjoy the many activities we have to offer.

You can purchase points based on the cost of each individual activity you would like to do or in bundles where you will receive bonus points, based on the number of points you purchase.

Regular Point Pricing:

10 Points – $1.00 (+HST)

200 Points – $20.00 (+HST)

Bonus Point Packages:

400 Points +50 Free Bonus Points – $40.00 (+HST)

650 Points +100 Free Bonus Points – $65.00 (+HST)

850 Points +150 Free Bonus Points – $85.00 (+HST)

1600 Points + 400 Free Bonus Points – $160.00 (+HST)

Sport Bungee Trampoline

Bungee Trampoline – 120 Points

Sport Bungee Trampoline

Soccer – 60 Points

Sport Bungee Trampoline

Bowling – 80 Points

Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall – 80 Points


Go Karts – 80 Points

Sport Golf

Mini Golf – 60 Points


Arcade – Tokens $2 for 2 Tokens, $10 for 15 Tokens or $20 for 34 Tokens!

Batting Cages

Batting Cages – 40 Points