It might not surprise you that some great local talent plays the Santa’s Village stage all summer long, but we bet you didn’t know that many of them are internationally-acclaimed and award winning. Some are even television stars! Top your visit to Santa’s Village off with our daily LIVE shows at 11:30a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1:00p.m. and 3:00p.m. on Sundays, and enjoy world-class entertainment the whole family will enjoy.

Isabella Hoops
Isabella Hoops
Isabella Hoops strongly believes that everyone can hula-hoop and she is here to make sure you walk away from your hula hooping experience with a smile on your face. Hula hooping is not only a great form of exercise, but it is a wonderful way to express yourself! Isabella Hoops believes in the importance of finding fun ways to be physically fit, challenging yourself to enjoy life and maintaining a positive attitude no matter how old you are!
Johnny Toronto
Johnny Toronto
Johnny Toronto is on a mission to make the world laugh! His comedic juggling act is like no other. Come see him at Santa’s Village this summer and he will dazzle you with uncanny impressions, incredible juggling and spectacular magic, making you laugh the entire time. Just when you think you’ve seen all he can do (and that’s a lot of stuff!), Johnny will astound you with his jaw-dropping unicycling skills, ending his show juggling at a height of close to 10 feet atop one wheel! It’s an act that you must see to believe!
Jam Sandwich / Philly Sandwich
Jam Sandwich / Philly Sandwich
JUNO award nominee Jam and her sister Philly love to sing, dance, and entertain children of all ages. They believe in the magic of make believe. If you do too, come see each of them at Santa’s Village this summer. They guarantee you will laugh and sing along to their traditional and original songs. Keep an eye out for them – their colourful, fun costumes are hard to miss!
Erick Traplin
Erick Traplin
An award winning musician, singer/songwriter, and author, Erick has been entertaining children throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada for more than 20 years. His fun-filled, high energy, interactive musical show is always a favourite with the crowds at Santa’s Village. It’s easy to see that Erick loves to perform, so come watch and be ready to clap your hands, stomp your feet, sing along, and have fun!
Dan the Music Man
Dan the Music Man
DAN, THE MUSIC MAN is a family favourite all over Canada, the United States and as far away as South Korea. He is truly an original! He is a prolific songwriter and performer who has been entertaining audiences of all ages since he was given his first guitar at age 12. Ever since, he’s honed a special musical style that appeals to children and adults alike. We’re thrilled to welcome his unparalleled enthusiasm to the Santa’s Village stage this summer!
Dickie Bird
Dickie Bird
Dickie Bird is a family favourite all across Canada. His exciting show includes an ample supply of up-beat music, a suitcase full of magic tricks, and amazing gizmos like the Bubble Machine. He loves to involve his audience, so be prepared for sing-alongs, action songs, magic tricks, and the “everyone-joins-in” jug band. Dickie’s puppet pal “Doug the Wug” is an audience favourite, so don’t miss his special appearance with Dickie Bird on the Santa’s Village stage this August. They’re both looking forward to seeing you!
Dance and sing at Santa’s Village this summer with JUNO award nominee Markus, whose endearing personality and lively, educational music instantly connect with kids of all ages. Markus may seem familiar to you – it’s possible you’ve seen him on Treehouse Television, YTV or Mr. Dressup. He’s also the winner of the US Parents’ Choice award, the ECE Gold Pin award and The Ontario Best Children’s Song award. His show is a definite must see!
Internationally acclaimed, award-winning performer and educator RONNO is one of Santa’s Village’s most beloved acts. His energetic, highly interactive music and movement show is filled with fast-paced action and infectious songs. It is guaranteed to get the whole family up on its feet. He’s performed for and is loved by kids all over Canada and the United States and some even as far as China, Singapore and Taiwan! Be sure not to miss his dynamic, interactive performances this summer at Santa’s Village.

Entertainment Schedule

Daily LIVE shows Monday through Saturday are at 11:30 am, 1:30 pm, and 3:30pm. And on Sunday at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm.


25 – Johnny Toronto
26 – Johnny Toronto


01 – Jam Sandwich  
02 – Jam Sandwich
08 – RONNO
09 – RONNO
15 – Jam Sandwich
16 – Jam Sandwich
22 – Kate & Kids
23 – Kate & Kids
24 – RONNO

25 – RONNO

26 – RONNO

27 – RONNO

28 – Charlie
29 – Charlie

30 – Charlie




3 – Dickie Bird  

4 – Dickie Bird  



7 – Markus                                                                               

8 – Markus                                                                                                                                                   

9 – Markus

10 – Dickie Bird

11 – Dickie Bird

12 – Johnny Toronto

13 – Johnny Toronto

14 – Jam Sandwich                                                                 

15 – RONNO

16 – RONNO
17 – RONNO

18 – Erick Traplin

19 – Erick Traplin

20 – RONNO

21 – Isabella Hoops

22 – Isabella Hoops

23 – Isabella Hoops

24 – Mary Lambert

25 – Dickie Bird
26 – Dickie Bird

27 – Johnny Toronto

28 – Johnny Toronto

29 – Markus

30 – Markus                                                                                  

31 – Dan the Music Man


1 – Dan the Music Man

2 – Dan the Music Man
3 – Johnny Toronto

4 – Johnny Toronto
5 – Isabella Hoops                                                                                 

6 – Isabella Hoops                                                                                 

7 – Isabella Hoops                                                                                 

8 – Dickie Bird   

9 – Dickie Bird   

10 – Johnny Toronto

11 – Johnny Toronto

12 – Isabella Hoops

13 – Isabella Hoops                                                                  

14 – Isabella Hoops

15 – Dan the Music Man
16 – Dan the Music Man
17 – RONNO                                                                                                                

18 – RONNO

19 – Erick Traplin

20 – Erick Traplin

21 – Erick Traplin

22 – RONNO

23 – RONNO

24 – Johnny Toronto

25 – Johnny Toronto                                                                             

26 – Dan the Music Man

27 – Dan the Music Man

28 – RONNO

29 – RONNO

30 – Mabel Moon

31 – Jam Sandwich


1 – Jam Sandwich

2 – Jam Sandwich


14 – Johnny Toronto

15 – Johnny Toronto

21 – RONNO

22 – RONNO
28 – Kate & Kids
29 – Jam Sandwich