Safety Information

All participants must take part in a safety orientation before each adventure activity.
Our guides will explain to you the rules of the park and show you how to safely use your equipment. This is included in your activities time allotment.

Safety Requirements for Muskoka Zip Lines & Aerial Park activities:

  • Close-toe shoes are required such as running or hiking shoes (no sandals or flip-flops)
  • Maximum weight: 250lbs (113kg)
  • Minimum weight is 44 lbs (20kg)
  • Minimum height is 48 inches (122cm)
  • Children aged 10 and under must be accompanied on the activity by an adult (18 years and over)
  • For safety reasons, pregnant women are not permitted on the activities
  • Aerial Adventure Course: Guests need to demonstrate the ability to “self-rescue” during the orientation process.

    A self-rescue is when you hang freely from the safety line and pull yourself back up onto the platform. The inability to be able to self-rescue will mean the guest will not be able to proceed with the climb (a full refund would be provided).


All necessary safety equipment will be provided to you for your visit, including a climbing harness and a safety helmet.


Gloves are not mandatory, but some people like to use them. You are welcome to bring your own gloves… tight fitting gardening or cycling gloves work best.