Our History

This unique 60-acre attraction nestles in a bend of the Muskoka River.  Visitors may tour the village by miniature train or cruise the Muskoka River on Santa’s Summer Sleigh Jet Boat.  Santa’s Village is like Christmas in the summer!  Features include Santa Claus and his elves at work, Santa’s Roller Coaster Sleigh ride, Santa’s deer, the Red Baron biplane ride, ferris wheel, swan paddle boats, Jumpin’ Star mini-dropper, ATV peddle bikes, Elves Island Play Village, live amphitheatre shows with clowns, magicians and roving entertainers, games of skill, gifts and great food. Click HERE for more details!

Santa’s Village was established in 1955 as a tourist destination by a group of local citizens when the Highway 11 was built and bypassed Bracebridge. These citizens felt that perhaps Santa would like a summer home in the most beautiful cottage area in Ontario which also happened to be conveniently located  half way between the equator and the North Pole, on the 45th parallel.

Santa liked the idea so much that he had his elves build, not just a cottage, but a whole village to which he could invite everyone to come and experience the joy of Christmas all summer long. Under Santa’s direction, the elves put in rides, games and an amphitheatre and prepared delicious food to please his guests. All of this is set in an enchanting natural woodland and watercourse environment.

Santa is here every day during the summer to greet his guests at Santa square.

Welcome! Enjoy your day! Here’s where the fun begins!

The North Pole – You’re Half Way There!

Santa’s Village is geographically located half way between the North Pole and the Equator. This is an imaginary geographical line of latitude. Latitude is an angular distance, measured in Degrees, north or south of the equator. The equator is an imaginary circle around the earth, equally distant at all points from the North and South Pole. The North Pole is the northern end of the Earth’s axis.

Santa’s Village shares the 45th parallel with other places around the world such as: Cornwall, Ontario; Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota; Bordeaux, France; Turin, Italy; Bucharest, Romania and Krasnodar, Russia.