What you need to know before you visit us

Be Healthy & Safe On Arrival

You will not be admitted to the park if you have:

1.Coughing, fever (over 100.4 º F), or difficulty breathing.
2.Been in a location with widespread COVID-19 transmission in the last 14 days.
3.Been in close contact with a person known or suspected of having COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
4.Tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days

Face Masks
In accordance with provincial requirements all guests over the age of two will be required to wear face masks covering the nose and mouth when indoors and when they are unable to maintain physical distance.

This means guests will be required to wear a mask when entering any of the buildings in the park (including washroom facilities) and when waiting in a Ride queue or riding a ride.

Masks are not required in open areas of the park were you are able to maintain distance from staff and other guests.

Comply with all Social Distancing Measures
We have placed many social distancing measures in the park, all of which are only effective when all guests comply with these measures. Please respect our team and other guests and maintain proper distance during your visit.

Be patient with our Team and other Guests
Social distancing measures & additional cleaning procedures can lead to longer wait times in ride queues, restrooms and other areas of park. Please be patient with our team as they work to keep everyone safe.

Wash & Sanitize your hands Often
We have placed addition sanitizing stations throughout the park and encourage all guests to make use of them frequently, to protect themselves, other guests and our team.

Plan Ahead

All areas of the park will be operating under a controlled and limited capacity this season. Booking ahead online is always encouraged. This can be done for park tickets, camping reservations and aerial park activities.